Technical Specification


Test Reference

Standard Requirement

Glazed Vitrified Tiles


Length & Width ISO 10545-2 ± 0.6% Max ± 0.1%
Thickness ISO 10545-2 ± 5.0% Max ± 5.0%
Straightness of Sides ISO 10545-2 ± 0.5% Max ± 0.2%
Rectangularity ISO 10545-2 ± 0.6% Max ± 0.2%
Surface Flatness ISO 10545-2 ± 0.5% Max 0.2%
Surface Quality ISO 10545-2 95% Free From Visible defects Max ± 0.2%


Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 ≤ 0.5% Max ± 0.2%
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 Notless then 1300 N Min 1800 N
Modulus of rupture ISO 10545-4 Minimum 13 N Min 40 N/mm2
Resistence to surface absarasion - G ISO 10545-7 Report abrasion class and cycle PEI Class 3
Linear ti thermal expansion ISO 10545-7 Manufacture to state classification ≤ 7X10-6
Resistance to thermal shock ISO 10545-9 No visible Defect No visible Defect
Resistance to Crazing ISO 10545-11 No Crazing No Crazing
Scratch Hardness EN 101 Manufacture to state classification 4-6
Frost Resistance ISO 10545-12 Manufacture to state classification No visible Damage


Resistance to Staining ISO 10545-14 G-min class - 3 Minimum class 3
Resistance to L - Acids And Alkalis ISO 10545-13 Manufacture to state classification Minimum GLA
Resistance to H - Acids and Alkalis ISO 10545-13 Manufacture to state classification Minimum GLA
Resistance to House hold chemical and swimming pool salts ISO 10545-13 Minimum GB and UB Minimum Class GB

Desclaimer :

KRIPTON reserves the right to delete & amend either totally or partially, any of Colours,Shapes,Sizes references and other technical specification contained in this catalog at anu time. the colours shown of tile in the catalog are purely illustratie and limited to printing process. please refer actual sample before final selection. The detail of Colours, Sizes, Reference should be verified for typographical errors. SHADE & SIZE VERIFICATION are inherent Characteristics of ceramic. NO COMPLAINT SHALL BE ENTERTAINED ON TILE ALREADY LAID/FIXED Complaint of decoration done outside 'GRANICER' facilities will not be entertained.